“I love this soap! it lathers well and leaves my skin feeling soft. And I like the fact that there are no harsh chemicals or additives.”

“Thanks to The Grub House for the shampoo bar I purchased. My head has itched for more years than I care to admit. Not bad, but always there. After a few days of using a handmade shampoo bar from The Grub House, I realized my head didn’t itch anymore. I went back to my old shampoo to see if it really was the shampoo bar that did it. On the second day of regular shampoo, my itch was back. Back to the shampoo bar and no more itching. What a relief. Try the Grub House for soaps, shampoo bars and other products, all hand made. You will be happy you did!”

After using the shampoo bar I was using my hands to sorta push the lather out and rinse it and my hair was so clean it squeaked loudly! Shocked me because it never did that with other shampoo! And it seemed cleaner longer too.

“These soaps and shampoo bars are awesome! This is all we ever use at home and we love, love, love how they make our skin and hair feel. Plus, they are all natural with simple, clean, ingredients.”


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